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FAQ For Organizations:


I’ve confirmed our organization’s table at Mission Impact show. What happens now?

Please block the night on your calendar and standby for night of show information. You will receive a specific arrival time, and contact information for your event in the days or weeks ahead of the engagement. You will also see a reminder email or two, depending on how far out you confirm.


One of the goals of our organization is to create more people like you; Engaged, active, and fighting for the rights, health, and comfort of our at-risk neighbors. Accordingly, we are interested in showcasing your stories. If you are comfortable, we ask to speak with someone in the organization for 15 minutes and get some notes we can share about your experience across our socials. We will talk about this and schedule during our confirmation call.


Do I need to bring a table/chair? Will our organization have our own table? Where will our table be?

You do not need to bring a table or chair, the venue will provide. Mission Impact arranges this for you ahead of your arrival. In most cases your organization will have your own table situated next to the artist’s merchandise seller. In smaller venues where the venue doesn’t have an additional table or space, you will be sharing a table with the band’s merchandise seller. While this may make for a more cramped experience, it is an especially gracious act on the band’s part as they are sharing an already limited amount of sales space with you. In either case, your location next to the artist’s merchandise -- however far-afield from the stage it may be, is a strategic one. This will be a heavily trafficked area at different points in the night.  

What time should I arrive?

Mission Impact will confirm the specific time you are arrive to the venue in your advance information, but we typically ask you to arrive an hour before doors open. If you are looking for this information before MI gets you your advance information, the venue website should tell you what time doors are for your particular show.  

Why so early?

The artist and their crew have production schedules every day they need to adhere to which involve lots of moving parts. This is the time that works best for the crew to integrate your participation in the show.

Will there be parking for me?

We aren’t able to reserve spaces for you. Please check with the venue’s website for parking particulars.

What if no one is at the club when I arrive?

Your point of contact is the band’s tour manager, and you will have that person’s name and number in advance of the show. This person will be in the middle of a very busy day and will be expecting you at the time you have pre-arranged. Please call when you arrive. Please do not arrive before or after the arranged time. In the unlikely event the tour manager is not at the venue when you arrive they are likely literally around the corner and should be able to

How long will I be there?

Depending on the number of opening acts and the length of the headliner’s set, it could be 5 hours. Please remember that your busiest times will be after and before the headliner’s set and between openers.

What will I be doing?

Meeting people who will approach you for information on your organization, who hopefully will become future volunteers, donors, and advocates. We expect you’ll meet kind, curious, and empathetic people, and hope you’ll enjoy yourself. You’ll have a mailing list, please ask people to sign it. Bring a book for slow time.

Can I sell things and/or solicit donations?

No. We hope that you will meet people at the show who become volunteers and future donors, but at the moment, venues will not allow us to have donations transacted at the tables. Same is true for the sale of any of your orgs merchandise.

Can I give away things?

You can give away information sheets, but no stickers please. If you are doing handouts, we ask that you do a walkthrough of the room and pick up any of your material that people have left behind on the floor or tables. As well, please refrain from flyering under windshield wipers outside the venue.

Can I bring signage?

You can bring signage like a banner or whatever you may typically have at tables, as well as whatever you need to hang or put it up. The venue or band will not have tape, ties, strings, etc. to loan you. Certain venues may prohibit hanging anything, or have particular directions. We ask that you go with whatever the venue tells you.

Should I approach the artist and introduce myself? Will I be hanging out with the band?

We’re grateful to all the artists who work with us and appreciate that each will have their own availability and show preparation routines. For this reason, we ask that you let the artist find you if they’re able to say hi. They’ll know where you are!

Will I dance all night?

Your best bet is to consider this evening as a working event. Tabling does not guarantee that you will be able to watch the concert, all venue set-ups are different. It is very important to be at the table before the show, between bands, and after the show as these will be the busiest times. Bring a book!

Can I get a plus one?

The space (number of volunteers) we are able to offer organizations changes on a show by show basis and is determined by factors out of our control. We thank you in advance for understanding we can only provide what we’ve told you we can.


Upon confirming your participation in the show, you should have scheduled a follow up call for after the event. These calls are essential to us understanding how we can better serve organizations like yours, our artists, and the public. Thank you for taking the additional time for follow up.

Anything else?

If you had a positive evening, it would go a long way if you shared your appreciation with the artist. You can send a note to them care of us, and we’ll share it. Small acts like this will help ensure other organizations have the same positive experience you have in the future.  

Can we do this again?

Please let us know if you’d like to do this again. If so, we’ll continue to offer you as an option to artists we work with you are coming through town. We’d love to establish long-running relationships.

Our goal is to make this partnership as seamless as possible on the artists, the venues, and you. We can exist only through the generosity of artists and venues. We thank you so much for taking the time to read through these notes and following our guidelines. Sticking to these will ensure other organizations have the same opportunity you have. Be cool!